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New African Writers

Our vision of the US-Africa Literary Foundation is an organization that promotes the interests of writers of African origin to have their works published and African writing and literatures made known and appreciated throughout the world.   We see this goal accomplished by involving writers of African origin with organizations and influential people in the US, especially from the African Diaspora and the African-American community.  We also see as very important to expand readership in Africa itself through the involvement of writers in literacy programs

US-ALF, Nigeria seeks to engage some skillful artist, this is a non- profit organization but it provides many opportunities to display the Original African cultural activities through recital of poetry and Stage performance.  

We invite participants in Nigeria from members of the public

Any interested prospective stage performers and poetry readers and writers should contact me on my Phone number +2348033480046 OR send a mail to me

Interested members should Call Macaulay on the above number 

These will be contacted for a weekly stage performance, which will commence at a location in Lagos

Macaulay Oluseyi Akinbami, US-ALF Nigeria more


Africa has produced three Nobel laureates in literature and dozens of other outstanding writers.  There are many thousands of others who write or who aspire to become writers in Africa.  Their work can lift the souls of their peoples and bring the light of truth to the conditions under which they live.  The Foundation seeks ways to nurture writers so that they can become masters of their craft through writing programs, workshops, conferences and mentorships.

Writing and literature are the soil on which a highly diverse entertainment industry has grown in the US that employs hundreds of thousands and contributes substantially to the economic vitality of the country.  The robust film industry in Nigeria, the rich oral traditions across the continent and the sheer number of aspiring writers suggests that literature and writing can become significant drivers of economic development.  Strategies are needed to open new opportunities for Africa to become a destination for tourism and an exporter of entertainment products.  The Foundation will seek to encourage innovation in such a direction.

   Chimdi Maduagwu, Ph.D., Executive Director



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