About the Book

This collection contains the basic ideas on love, religious beliefs and philosophical teachings of Kabutu (The Eternal Prince of Life or the god of Wisdom and Learning) which vividly portrays the way the true traditional African society has understood and conceptualized them. These “Lyrics Of Kabutu” may be termed as historical facts which provides an insight of African history, World View and cultural beliefs and practices which do exist and affects the behaviour of the true African directly or indirectly. These are not poems per se but inner thoughts and emotions of a true African soul expressed in words. This book can certainly not be definitive; Kabutu and the African philosophical lyrics, in which he was and is still involve in, continue to change. For this reason, royal, academic, spiritual and legal methods are insufficient to comprehend his thoughts and nature. But the author has endured with great discipline and dedication to put some of the divine lyrics into simple grammar. These poems are to prepare the reader’s thought for understanding and discovering the true African Personality and Identity.


About the Author

Prince Anin-Agyei, a prolific and talented young African writer, poet, priest and a philosopher comes from a little town in the Eastern Region of the Republic of Ghana called Achiase. He was born on the 19th May 1981 at the 37 Military Hospital in Accra to Mr. Jones Anin-Agyei and Madam Kate Asiedu. He attended the Church of Christ School in Dunkwa-on-Offin for his primary and junior secondary education and Tema Secondary School in Tema for his senior secondary education. Prince Anin-Agyei holds a Diploma in Animal Science from Thomson Education Direct in Scranton, Pennsylvania (USA). He is currently in the University of Ghana (Legon) pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in the Social Sciences. As a committed member of the Pan-African Students Union, he has contributed in several ways to promote the general wishes and aspirations of all Africans. And this collection of traditional African poems on life and love, is one of the several great works he has contributed to humanity. Some of his poems have featured in several American anthologies like the Eternal Portraits Series (2003, 2004).

The author is a member of several poetry societies like the International Society of Poets (ISP), and he has exhibited his brilliant artistry by winning an “International Poet of Merit Silver Award” and a Bronze Commemorative Medallion for his poetry. He is also a distinguish member of the US-African Literary Foundation (US-ALF). To him “Africa is my life and future”.





Thou art beautiful, Kabutuwaa,

Thou art very beautiful indeed.

See how thy skin colour

Portrays the true beauty of Mama Africa.

Thou art the darkness that gave birth

To light on the day of creation,

For thy humble character inspires

Thy divinely given blackness.


She is the beauty that every precious

Hook seeks to lay the hands on.

Yes, she is the greatest beauty

That nature has ever invested in.

She is the only moon that brightens

The boiling sun in my village.

Obaahemaa is in fact the barrier

Between tomorrow and the dawn.


Even though she is at the

Other side of the moon,

The drummer shall continue

Beating in deep silence.

And if she hears the beating


Of his heart and she is willing,

She shall surely run towards home.


Let all the market women

Come along with their logbooks

And enjoy the flooding fire.

Let the drums and the rich resonant voices

Of Okyeman put their hands and throats to play.


Alert the slave master

Of this montage occasion,

For the true taste of the

Sacred calico has grown dim

And the echoes of the drizzling rain

Have erupted the volcanic mountains.


Her name is Yaa Kabutuwaa,

Born on a beautiful Thursday morning.

Offer my darling with the seasonal cloth

In its rich natural taste and sight,

For nature has nothing to gain

Except romantic visions and dreams.


Look up!

There she stands on her slender legs

In the middle of the blazing sun,

Spreading her lovely wings over my loneliness.

Call her by her name!

Sit her down!

Sing to her the secret bee’s song of love

To cool down her thirsty heart.

But if my true shining beauty will agree,

Give her a place in my heart to sleep this night.



This quiet night is too pure,

And the envious one is about

To sow the seed of jubilation.

Evil has overtaking me,

And my love one is about to

Bleed the tears of contempt.

The struggle is real,

And the jealous one is about to coat

The motion portrait of euphoria.

Why was this price not

Accepted before my first moan?

This breathless peace cannot be the

Place where my heart calls home.


Oh life, spite my weightless star

Over the southern hyaline.

I cannot believe that my inept

Name is about to ration the little

Palmwine with the prelate ancestors.

How long will my wife’s

Womb continue to yowl?

Fate could not even wait

For my fondness to breathe my sun.



Beat the overt drums of time

And give me a pot of warm water,

For my blank soul has no other

Value except endurance and rejection.

Blow the covert horn of endless time

And let me ride over dawn and dusk,

For my greatest traitor has come

To hint me of my beholder’s score.


My sacred cloud waves are now

Pregnant with dry rain of gold dust.

What have I done to

Wound my own ghost?

I have nothing more

To sacrifice except my morrow.

Alight my irrevocable paean at the

Potent door of my inescapable darkness,

And let the gods take possession and audit

My perfect price of ornate fragrance.



The foretold episode is ripe

And the childless dawn is now flowering.

The awesome parrots of Africa

Have began swimming in the heavens

And singing the verses of the paraded bees,

For the warrior of South Africa

Has ultimately impregnated the goddess

Without violating her divine virginity.


The black star arouse from Ghana,

Journeyed gorgeously through Zimbabwe

And has decisively descended on South Africa.

But this is just the divine seed,

Yet to grow into a full black African moon,

For the black star of the black man

Is the religious light yet to radiate on

The colorless naivete of mankind.


Ah, the premise behind this

Exhibition makes a perfect sense.

We did begin it all,

Pilgrimage through it all

And shall end it all,

For the wreckage of humanity flies with time

And the megapower status

Of the African is a fact of life.


Today, a new voice has been

Added to the joy of the black woman,

Causing the dry bamboo flutes to buzz

With the pantaloons of the ancestors.

Adorn our emerald embryonic pride with

The ambrosial smiles and charms of the sunrise,

For the pelts of the peerless mid-night

Has been remodeled with our dark gore.

Copyright 2004 © PRINCE ANIN-AGYE