Miriam Khamadi Were

There is a little hut

Built across from here;

They’ve mudded two walls

And the rest stands unmade……

For they ran out of mud.


There is a deep gully

Running along the road;

They have filled it halfway

And the rest is still gaping….

For they ran out of mud.


There is a pot by the alter

That they began to mould ;

They finished the base

But the neck remains undone….

For they ran out of mud.


Mud! Mud!

Who can find mud?

Maybe if it were gold

Someone would.


US - Africa Literary Foundation

Chimdi Maduagwu, PhD
Executive Director
US-Africa Writers Foundation
Dr. Bode Osanyin
Chairman, Department of Creative Arts
University of Lagos
Department of Creative Arts
Akoka, Yaba
Lagos, Nigeria

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