Why do you wimper and weep

Wailing and wallowing in self pity

Wondering when the world's wickedness

Will wither and weaken your worries

Your woes swallowed


Stop the unnecessarily incessant

Sniffing and sobbing

And sober up

Cease the sourness

And sickening sombreness

You're guilty!


You gave not that bribe

And failed the lie to tell


You're guilty!

For failure in fraud

Fool! You followed folly

So serve your sentence

For seeking to serve

The insecure security

And severally severely severing Asunder

Just adjorn Justice

Or you're guilty


To be holy in Hollywood

Is to head healong

Into hard hinderances


To brake a law

Is to be criminal

To be criminal

Is to be penalty worthy

As the crime commiting culprit

Is caught and cuffed

So this holly-world system

( Thriving on corruption and greed

Hatred and prejudice

Wanton wickedness

And rampaging immorality)

Will certainly punish those

Who threaten it

With positive principles


So serve your sentence

You unrepentant soul

So subliminally stubborn

You refuse compromise to court

You divorse deceit

And make integrity your spouse

A choise non makes

Save the abhorrently abominable


And you seem to seek

Teaching this steep theme

With your sleek team

To the teeming populace

Sneakily, speedily

So they can greedily breed

"Good deeds," and beat,

Indeed, heave the weed

Deep in sea


My stock have kept the world

From being perverted and in total darkness

Yeah Yeah, big deal!

Think and grow wise

Why do the wicked prosper? 

Blesed are they

Who conform to the system

For theirs is Universal Hollywood

But you can start anew

What is the end of the conformists

And the destination of "rebels" like me?

Is that really important? 

The future or the now

Which is more imprtant?


Stop wimpering and wailing

And wallowing in self pity

You're guilty!


Sammy onyegbuna

6 October 2004



The land is waste
In this valley
Where it's useless being in haste
For, under the crimson sky
Time has stood still

The scavenging sky looks down viciously
Flashing in fury
Roaring in thunderous anger
Encompassing the earth in dark, red wrath
Waiting to lick up
Littered dead flesh with its
Approaching tornadoes

By my side
A hideous war cry sounds
And echoes through the ranks

Armageddon begins!

I charge
Armed to the teeth
Lacking nothing
'Cept the reason why I charge
Why I rise up against my will
To war against my best friend

He has stayed closer than a brother
I've never known a day without him
But I've known his love
From the farthest end of memory lane

Now alone
To the west of the valley
Tears streaming down
Only them to rally

Behold my allies
My strategists and motivators
Their lupine heads had
Salivating mouths revealing
Large carnivorous denture
Their six-foot-point bodies
Of beefy sinews
Rode on ferine nightmares
Their bloodshot eyes:
Chilling beyond words
They hate me as much as
They hate the one I lead them to destroy
Yet I join forces with them
To war against my best friend, Conscience
And their sheer number
Extending to the point
Where the earth touches the sky
200 million!

I shudder in wonder

Is there an explanation
For this senseless war?

My allies, he disapproved
The things they bestowed, he abhorred
Things my wife shouldn't know
My siblings, parents shouldn't hear
Things my clergy mustn't know
Nor my neighbours, colleagues and teachers
Get wind of
Things the management and authorities
Oughtn't suspect
Things the Bible condemn

As we approach
The locusts I lead
Their excitement increase
Glints and glimmers
Swords and weapons
200 million gallops
Quake the earth

The horrific chorus
Of a war cry pitches
Judas and the locusts
Go into a frenzy

My sword is high in the air
Conscience's head is near
This is the time! Finish him!

I don't

I start to jump down
And surrender to Conscience

They know, and throw a blow
With a dangerous weapon
At my head...

A vulture. Another
But nothing for them to bother
Except me and my brother
I'd made it
But what happened next
I may never know
So my loss to Conscience
Becomes my victory
In this valley
Where the land is waste
And it's useless being in haste
Especially when you have to go
Through a continuous heap of bones
From 400 million skeletons!

Sammy Onyegbuna
13 September 2004


Filtering thru many windows
Carols and intense love poetry
Cards, lights and large pastry
Even cattle will indulge in many meadows
And in our frenzy we remember to forget
That the Celebrant ought a gift to receive
From us who earnestly claim to believe
But what present we for Him do get?

Neither prayers nor songs and psalms
But an outreach of 'dearing love
To those who nightly sigh
"Burn out my heart and end my bearing"

The deprived, homeless and abused
To them make this bold start
Touching lives that are shamelessly used
Like David pursue His heart

2 July 2004



Judgment passed

His own aghast

Out of paradise’s bliss

In sorrow’s midst


Down to the ground

He cast His  eyes

Memories sweet

Their footmarks bring.

Silver tear-drops

The memories draw.

On their footmarks

The teardrops drop.

Things’ll never be the same

In that garden where You walked alone

Seeking Your own.


Against the grayness of a painter’s hue

The lunar sickle seems to comfort You.

No crickets chirping, birds asleep

Your friends lying, none astir

Even the bats are nowhere to be seen

In this still, friendless and lonely night

Where all is quiet and calm

‘cept for the riotous thumping of

Your troubled heart.

Silvery tears in Thine eyes rise

As You knelt in somberness

In a garden’s solitude

Praying for Your own.


The heavens: a flowing flame

The clouds: massive black billows

Across the firmament, lightening flashes streak;

For the ground they desperately reach.

Earth quaking claps of thunder

Like amplified roars of a 100 billion lions

Echoing each syllable of that awful cry

From the heart of a tormented Soul.

And soon after it has dried

The silvery tears in Thine eyes

Where none ever has been laid

You lay alone in a garden’s tomb

After dying for Your own.


In a garden You walked alone seeking Your love;

In a garden You knelt alone praying for Your love;

In a garden You lay alone after dying for Your love;

And someday soon to come

In a beautiful garden city

You will rejoice, hardly alone

Forever with Your love.




Outstanding amidst others in the beautiful garden,

  the tree of love is imposing and alluring.

With such strong magnetic pull as no one can resist,

  all is attracted to eat of its enticing fruit.


My son, to my counsel take heed and you shall live.


Indeed great and small, young and old,

 the religious and the infidel,

 from every tribe and tongue,

 creed and race;

 none seemed able to resist its awesome power.

None was spared its spell.


A tree of love there really is ---


And so society’s magazines, movies and music

 manifested this madness,

 and fashion and friends found flair

 in forcing a fruit on one,

 with every culture craving a bite,

 tradition totally ignored.


--- in a faraway land called Matrimony.


Then she came along like a fair fairy

 with large light brown eyes

 and long, full, fluttering lashes

 like a bird’s wings;

 flaunting her body, beauty and brains.


I fell like a pack of cards.


Mama’s warnings

 mother’s words

 mama’s wisdom

 you waited so long.

The curious seed of desire

 long has germinated;

 its roots reaching down

 to the depth of my soul,

 inflaming me with its essence

 even before   “fair fairy” came along.


Lie they do, the agents of the tree!

For mute they kept

About the sudden, lingering sourness

Of the fruit

After a sweetness brief.


The fruit is bad!

The tree not of love

But an evil imposter.

It flourishes on the sorrow of men,

And feeds on the life of their

 spilled seed.


My soul is bound

 to one to whom I have made no vow

 and to everyone else she is bound

 and to everyone they are bound.

How horrible!


Now I realize, to my utter despair,

 My most precious possession is lost

    Forever --- my chastity.

 Copyright © Sammy Onyegbuna