New African Writers
Bode Osanyin


 Who is saviour?

Slaves eat sweet;

Prince lack valour,

Cry takes feet.

Hat mat cat,

Toss us bus;

Years earn bat!

Shits control us.

Orange! Low bow?

Cry we cry—

Song in tears,

Suppliant, not buy:

Fat bones’ ears. 

See our tears,

Exhume poles dead;

No strong; fears,

Heads put head.

Fan, blow us!

Youths run away—

Joy takes bus,

Copses pose way.



Hungry stands up,

Thanks finger kings;

Kings care cup?—

Where are wings?

Yelps are music?

Safety doles dole,

Hell is scenic;

Who comes mole?

Listen! Matter gold,

Gold like invaluable!

Eyes rain fold?

Hills get able.

Insert life grave;

Our lives gold!

Kings ‘care’ wave,

Sleep death sold.

Stop our clamour!

Thirst reads face,

Holes take armour,

We cry ice!



Any poem in Minus Poetry must have a one-word title, three words in a line, twenty lines, no conjunction: but the conjunctions are allowed to be replaced by punctuation marks; no article, atleast, five different punctuation marks must feature in a minus poem, five imaginary stanzas, that is, the stanzas are not separated from one another, at most, one verb in a line, and it must have an alternate rhyme scheme. In case you wish to write a dedication., it should be written  in the space between the body of the poem and the title. The whole words to produce a minus poem should be 61.  
Sorrel is an example and the first poem in Minus Poetry


Hunger lashed him;
Rope considered hanging
Poverty killed dime
Bitter sweet tongue.
Adept turned novice;
Cried like spirit
Skull searched bliss
Like Death;night!
Sun fought eye,
Rain slapped head
Gold might sigh;
Leg later led:
Eye met cowries
Queen's land made:
Honey as rice
Joy broke blade!
Uncles uncle uncle;
Stone dressed honour!
Heads homaged shackle;
Nipples fed crowner.

                   (c) Wale Ajakaye 2004

Kudos is  a poem written by me in a bus when I was going to ANA Lagos Patron's Day. This is as result of the comments of the people in the bus.


We have relief:
Debt calls peace--
Dole punches leaf;
Where is ease?
Heads we thank,
Fights like elephant:
Stomach sees  'blank'--
What relief? Ant!
What is wrong?
Nation--Sweet row:
Our blames throng;
Morrow arrows cow!
Our heads sleep--
Lions like lizards:
'Debt relief!' Deep!
Up down hazards.
Hail your hail,
Ingrates copulate princess:
Favour flares fail;
Please! Take recess.

                     (c) Wale Ajakaye 2005

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