Born in Cotonou in BENIN Republic, Fanny feels that she has been blessed to grow in two different continents. Her desire has often involved this motto she lives by: "Keep the best of both cultures, and try to improve the worst of both cultures in yourself and around her".
Fanny has two bachelor degrees of Science; One in Computer Engineering Technology and the other one in Electronic Engineering Technology. You'll often catch her saying, "believe that you can do it. Never be afraid to say 'I can', because if God has planned it for you, you don't want to be the reason why his plan for you is not achieved. In 2004, she also won the title of "Miss Africanada 2004". Also strongly artistic, Fanny never stop expressing her creativity every time the opporutnity was given to her. Now, she has been pursuing to combine her creativity to her technical skills as a Technical Designer as she take ideas from a conceptual point to life. She calls herself an innovator. You'll see her also volunteering with the Youth of her community. Look forward for her upcoming book and projects .   About the book.
République du Bénin
Republic of Benin
Flag of Benin
Flag Coat of arms
"Fraternité, Justice, Travail"  
"Fellowship, Justice, Labour"

About the Book

True AMAZONe    - ISBN - 9781434377401

Amazon women, warriors! They were part of the Kingdom of Dahomey now called Benin Republic. I am part of the Kingdom of Heaven, born in Benin Republic and living in Canada. They were the army of the King, fighting wars for the country along his side. I am among the chosen ones of my Heavenly King standing to bring His glory within me and share it with you. They wore their armour and stood the ground ready for the worldy wars. I wear God’s amour ready for the spiritual wars (Ephesians 6, 10-20).

 This is the journey you will go through in this blessed book “True Amazone”. In this journey is shared with you how my faith in the Lord has shaped me, molded me and sustained me as a young woman growing up in two different societies.

“True Amazone” will reveal to you how without the Lord in my life, I would not have come to accept and fully see others as his loving children; my faith has opened my eyes to see what the Lord sees in every soul he comes across. Open your heart. Open your eyes. Open your hands that He may continuously reveal Himself to you and build that unique relationship with you. These are the precious gems you are to receive in journeying with me to discover yourself as I discovered that I am a “True Amazone”. “True Amazone” is for you who have it in your hands right now.


 It’s not about French

It’s not about English

It’s about Frenglish


Forget the ranch

Forget the relish

It’s about Frenglish


Disregard the structures

Observed in French

For better sentences


Disregard the rules

Followed in English

To make sense


It’s not about French

It’s not about English

It’s about Frenglish


It is saying suddenly

While speaking quickly

In English ‘Believe Moi’


Not its French translation

Not its English conversion

It is a real mix


It’s all about me thinking

In French while answering

To your questions in English

This is Frenglish


‘So comique’ that I do not

realize that I just used a

combination of French – English

this is Frenglish


‘Believe Moi!’

it’s about me chocking myself

by pronouncing English words

in a French way not sure how

to pronounce them.


‘je te tell’ instead of

‘I am telling you’


Frenglish is fun when inventing

New words we are and as

time flies it becomes dangerous!


Frenglish is dangerous

as I feel like

I’m forgetting French and

the English words are overtaking

when expressing myself

I am in French.


Frenglish! See me





 Do you know of an AfroCanadian?

It runs in the blood and flows like water


It’s the pride of being African

        And not walk like an empty can


It’s the challenge of discovering a new culture

        And embrace it regardless of the torture


Do you know of an AfroCanadian?

It runs in the blood and flows like water


It’s the beauty in me of keeping Africa

        And in me seal Canada


It’s the desire of communicating natural riches

        Without wandering around to seek itches


Do you know of an AfroCanadian?

It runs in the blood and flows like water


It’s the pride of being part of that continent

        And the joy to hunger for a new country


It’s the ecstasy with which you carry values

        And the aspiration to improve failures


It is so much…

Be proud to Say I am AfroCanadian!


Be Confident to walk as an AfroCanadian

I am AfroCanadian…

     AfroCanadian I am…

             I am…

                AfroCanadian, it’s me…


To Believe…


Tell me to believe…


Tell me to believe in God

I’ll do it without “Bug”


Tell me to believe these

Creatures and it’s possible


Tell me to keep faith

About school and I’m able.


Don’t tell me to believe in

You cuz it’s gonna hurt.