New African Writers
Bode Osanyin


“Africa my Africa, Africa of proud warrior in ancestral savannah”

                                                                          David Diop – 1927-1960 

                                                                                                 (From Senegal)


 objectives amongst others –


-         Financial support for publishing

-         Editors, illustrators and book design support

-         Training for writers, editors, publishers

-         Distribution of materials in aid to Africa literary artists

-         Establishment of Africa Professional/Workforce data bank

-         Comprehensive Interactive electronic magazine

-         Literacy drives led by writers whose future depends on the development of readership in their native countries.

-         Promotion of democratic processes and citizenship education through writers and their works.


Expected Outcomes

-         Organization whose budget rises to over $1 million within 5 years with affiliates in most African countries.

-         Board including Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka, Arcbishop Desmund Tutu; Prof. Ali Mazrui, Prof. Chinua Achebe and other living major African / Diaspora writers and Patrons of Art.

-         Publishing of 1,000 new African writers within 5 years

-         Publishing of a magazine of ideas and literature from Africa

-         Major annual international conference

-         Writer led literacy campaigns, especially for children, girls and women in Africa where literacy has lagged.

-         Establishment of centers (writing and literacy centers) in five zones of Africa.

-         Projection of African Professionals in the global labor arena

-         Annual writers competition with prizes including participation in the Iowa International Writers’ Program.


Potential to develop the black and African Diaspora through the organization.

The following potentials have been identified:

-         International visibility to minor and often neglected developmental needs of Africans and blacks in other parts of the world. This can be achieved through the deep imaginative creativity of writers.

-         Stimulating thoughtfulness in children and youth through healthy readership and writing competitions.

-         Establishment of literacy development centers in African communities to informally instruct ‘illiterates and semi-literates’ on democratic processes and the rule of law which will help eliminate the hostilities and conflicts predominant in Africa today.

-         Promoting the film industry in Africa as a veritable source of entertainment and economic revenue.


The US-Africa Literary Foundation is an independent organization of writers with the aim of mastering the diversities of African literatures starting from roots in many oral traditions and indigenous languages and bringing these to the attention of the world.

Writers from all generation have displayed the power of creativity, both in their writings and in their demonstrations .all invention of life is art, and the true meaning of art is “skill”

To write is to bring the skills of art to bear on the minds of a people.

This is what writers all over the world have done when they present another writer to the world.

In Africa, very little has been written about the science of the people, the cultures, traditions, the religion, their belief, their pride, their strength and their experiences.

African has emerged from the evil “back bench” of the world to the forefront of science, technology and the arts. Some men will say, “this was made possible by Western Education ” but far from it, the Western Education is just learning the language as a tool of communicating to the world.

          African has always had the great minds, philosophies and science. The above is a subject for the classroom.

 Every society has histories that will remain in the mind forever.

In a bid to teach the world the diversities of the African art, the New Foundation is coming as a force to encourage African Writers from all the countries of the World and to encourage the discovery of the enormous wealth of creativity embedded in the cultures of Africa.

This Foundation has a mission to educate the world and will explore the unpublished and unwritten works of Africa and improve on the ones that have been written over the years.

It shall also serve as a “ Watchdog ” examining writings about Africa and Africans in the international communities to identify those that fairly represent Africa in its diversity and those imbued with stereotypes that do not represent the Africa that we know best.

US - Africa Literary Foundation

Chimdi Maduagwu, PhD
Executive Director
US-Africa Writers Foundation
Macaulay Oluseyi Akinbami
US-Africa Writers Foundation
Lagos, Nigeria

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